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"Always do what you are afraid to do."

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Lemberg Toastmasters Speach Contest - personal growth "Speech 5"

The cage for our soul

Let`s start frm early beginning, when after making some magic moves in life of lovely couple (men & women), amazing thing happens the CHILD is born.

There is another way to reproduce, not exactly the same process, but similar, with identical output. It is cold CLONING.

What is the difference?  In case of cloning, you can generate specific human, play with it like the constructor (here is head, arms, legs), it’s like a fantasy but nowadays secret science, made it possible.

Can you notice the difference? YES, something is missing, something what science can’t reproduce – SOUL!!!

Exactly, SOUL is the main part of new human.

So body + soul = Human .

Body is very complicated thing, especially for those who didn’t studied biology. Strange but true fact is that every separate body on earth is unique. You can’t find  two of them completely the same. (Maybe you can, but only if you will watch at yourself in the mirror). Anyway if it comes from human it is unique.

            It has 5-ve main senses: Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch.

This arsenal of our body is perfectly organized for cooperation, understanding and protection. For instance:

Durian: the exotic fruit smells like in toilet but when you teste it, it is extremely ,unbelievable sweet!!!

While car driving we use hearing or vision to avoid obstacles. Of course if the driver will be the blonde lady, I’m not sure for avoiding them.

Ok, and how about power of body?

Based on human life-style, body can be healthy, strong and dangerous, especially when we are in hazard situations, it can become 3-4 times stronger and senses become extremely sensitive.

Also body can be weak.

A lot of people do not care about it until they have serious consequences.

THOSE FAT PEOPLE. My friend family has a tradition to eat extremely large plates of food. Every time Sasha – my friend, goes to his grandma, she is preparing him 2kg of dish – “varynyky”. His weight is 100kg and his age is 23. Oh my, after eating all of that, most of his blood is concentrated in stomach, his movements become really slow and of course he is at half way to sleep.

So the body of human need to restore strength, after eating, hard working, sports training; during sleep, rest, etc.

So half of our life, we are sleeping. What a huge waste of time.

 As I mentioned in the beginning there is soul, which gives sense for body existing.

Soul is pretty unknown, it can exist without body. The soul is indestructible, it can fly without wings and it do not need to sleep, it doesn’t feel anything.  So why there is this connection between body and soul, what for do we need the body itself?

Perfect solution will be to kill our body and free our soul.

Ok, As for me body exists to make our life more interesting, more funny, more important, because having only soul it would be so boring, that is why I believe in reincarnation. Imagine every generation of creatures, you will have another body to discover, another world, it is so exiting.

Tic, tock, tic, tock … It is clock of my life. I should go and use my human body as much as I can.



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